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Where do you hold your teaching sessions?

We host our lessons both in-home and virtually. We are happy to wear masks, if requested.  

What will we need for a virtual lesson?

Video capability, pencil, and books ready.  Just like our in-person lessons, we ask that there be a pencil and books ready before the lesson take place.  Other than that- have your video on and ready to join our zoom meeting.

Where should we set up the video for virtual lessons?

We recommend that the video be set up to show a profile of the student- this way we can see posture, hand position, and their face. We will help with set up during the lesson.

Do you have a specific policies?

Yes! Thank you for asking! We have a cancellation policy and a referral gift policy. If you are a current student and have yet to sign these policies- please reach out to Zoë or direct message using the chat button below. 

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