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Welcome to Zoe Blake and Co. Instruction

In-Home and Virtual Music Lessons

Ask about our In-Office Lessons!

Making Every Lesson Count In The Comfort Of YOUR Home! 

At Zoe Blake and Co. Instruction, we are passionate about making music accessible and enjoyable to everyone. Since 2016, our team of experienced music educators has offered private, personalized lessons in our students’ homes, tailored to their individual needs and interests.

We believe that music education is a powerful tool for self-expression, creativity, and learning. We also know that music is proven to enhance an overall education beyond the specific musical goals of each student. Our instructors strive to create a fun, comfortable learning environment and provide our students with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Benefits of a Music Education

  • Academic:

    • Math

    • Music History

    • Music Theory

    • Public Speaking

    • Memory

    • Music Interpretation

  • Social and Emotional

    • Poise​​

    • Empathy

    • Confidence

    • Expression

    • Story Telling

    • Public Performance

  • Physical

    • Dexterity​

    • Hand-eye coordination

    • Posture

Advantages of In-Home Lessons for the Student

  • Ergonomics

  • Posture

  • Seat Height

  • Music Placement

  • Piano Tuning Recommendations

  • Having the lesson in the space the student will practice!

Advantages of In-Home Lessons for the Parent

  • No rushing

  • No driving

  • No waiting

  • No wasted time

  • Enjoy hearing your child progress from the other room!

How It Works

Pricing Information

We provide competitive pricing for in-home lessons with knowledgable and experienced teachers.  Please ask about our virtual prices! Below are for in-home lessons. 

Ages 4 to 6
 $65
 / 30 minutes
 $95 / 45 minutes

Ages 7 and up
 $95 / 45 minutes
 $125 / 60 minutes

5% same day sibling discount

For more information, inquire via the "Contact Us" page below.  

  • A free one-on-one assessment is recommended and provided via Zoom so that we can meet, discuss overall goals, and materials needed. 

  • Weekly one-on-one lessons held in YOUR home or via Zoom. 

  • Strong Foundations in technique, theory, rhythm, and expression are the foremost goals with each student. 

  • Recital opportunities twice a year. 

  • We do provide makeups but practice a 24-hour cancellation policy-- within 24 hours of a lesson we charge the full amount for a cancelled lesson. 

To book a free assessment with Zoe, the owner, refer to the the "Book Online" page.  

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